The Hunt

Woken by a mysterious clatter
Then the urgent pitter patter
Of my cat chasing her prey
What a way to start the day!
With trepidation I turn on the light
To find an awful sight
The cat with a mouse in her jaws
Head drooped, dangling little paws
She carries him with proud finesse
Channeling her inner lioness
And he starts darting to and fro
Much like me as I try to decide
How to get him outside
He takes advantage of my poor housekeeping
Diving into papers, furtively creeping
The cat, of course, pursues the beast
But is more accustomed to hunting Fancy Feast
He sneaks over to the bookshelf
In a desperate bid to save himself
Oblivious, she continues to sniff the ground
While I scream, ‘he’s behind you, turn around!’
But I can’t get through to her
And the mouse escapes into literature
And now, gentle reader, in the light of dawn
You find us, battle-weary and worn
The cat, determined, stakes out the books
Nose and ears twitching, darting sudden looks
As for me, I’m fine
Just searching for new apartments online