Daisy chain bracelet

You can use this pattern to make anything that you would make out of daisies, such as a bracelet or a necklace.

You will need a 1.25 mm hook and white, yellow and green 4 ply wool. This pattern is written in American crochet notation. Each flower is about 4 cm long.

Flower (make as many as you like/need. I needed 7 to make a bracelet)

With yellow wool

Round 1: 6sc in a magic ring (6 stitches)

Round 2: increase in every stitch (12 stitches)



With green wool

Round 3: decrease around (6 stitches) (backloops only)

Round 4: decrease two stitches together, sc – repeat (4 stitches)

Rounds 5 – 10: sc in each stitch (4 stitches)

We now need to make the slit for attaching another daisy

Sc 2, turn, sc 2, turn, sc 2 (three tiny rows of two stitches each)

Slip stitch once to get back down to the level of the other half of the stem.

Sc 2, turn, sc 2, turn, sc 2 (three tiny rows of two stitches each)

Now we’ll join these two flaps together again by making rounds

Rounds 11 – 13: sc in each stitch (4 stitches)

Fasten off, weave in end.


With white wool

Join the wool to a remaining yellow inside loop from round 3, chain 6, sc 5 back along the chain (one of the chains is a turning chain). This makes one petal. Then slip stitch into the next inside loop and repeat the process to make another petal. We will make 12 petals in total, which is one for each yellow inside loop remaining from round 3. Fasten off, weave in ends.


Weave the flowers through each other as you would for a daisy chain.


We will make a chain loop to link the last flower to the first so that you can put the bracelet on. Make a chain (I chained 20 but the length is up to you). Thread the chain through the hole in the stem of the last daisy. Then join the two ends of the chain to form a loop. You can then loop the chain around the first flower to fasten the bracelet onto your wrist.