Helmet Pantie



I made this pantie to fit my adult S One roller derby helmet.

This pattern is in American crochet notation and is worked incontinuous rounds (I recommend using a stitch marker).

Work 6 sc in a magic ring (6 sc)

Round 1: 2 sc into each sc (12 sc)

Round 2: sc into first sc, 2sc in next sc – repeat until end of round (18 sc)

Round 3: sc into first two sc, 2sc in next sc – repeat until end of round

Round 4: sc into first three sc, 2sc into next sc – repeat until end of round

Rounds 5 – 22: Continue to increase in this way until you have 21 sc between each increase.

Rounds 23 – 43: sc into each sc.

Rounds 44 – 45: sc two sc together (ie decrease), sc into sc (repeat until end of round).

Fasten off.

You can now add the decorations 🙂 Star applique patterns are available for free on the internet. A pivot stripe would be easy to make. Or add ears, whiskers etc, whatever takes your fancy.

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