Cat companionship

During lockdown the greatest solace has been for me
The companionship of my feline bubble buddy
Some nights, after curfew, I pour some wine
And we chat together, to pass the time
I reach out to stroke her and tell her about my day
She raises a paw and pushes my hand away
I sigh and tell her I’m feeling anxious right now
She looks at me disdainfully and says ‘meow’
I vent about work and my concerns for my health
She sits up slowly and starts licking herself
I say, hopefully, ‘sometimes I just really need a hug’
But she suddenly shoots off to slaughter a bug
I sink sozzled on the sofa, thinking about what could have been
And she walks over, and stands on my spleen
I look into her eyes and whisper my love for her
She curls in a circle and gently begins to purr.