Orienteering cushion

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I made this cushion for my brother, who really likes orienteering.

The front is designed to look like a map that has been folded down to fit in the hand. It shows the start of the course, some controls and the finish. It has a power line with open earth beneath it in the north. There are also some boulders in the north. There is a forest in the middle and a track in the east. In the south there is a quarry with open earth inside it.

The back shows an orienteering control flag.

I forgot to measure the cushion before I gave it away but it is really quite small. If you would like a larger cushion you could use a larger hook or thicker wool. I used a 2.5 mm hook and white, black, brown, pink, green and orange 8 ply wool.

I can’t upload large photos to this website but I put some better quality photos of the pattern on Ravelry.

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