Shapely shorts

I designed these shorts as part of my ongoing experiments into the simplest possible way of making clothing. I don’t know anything about clothing so I want to keep it easy. I wanted to know if you can make shorts by making two tubes for legs and then joining them to make one big tube. Turns out you can 🙂

These shorts are made using a 3.5 mm hook and 8 ply wool. The pattern is written in American crochet notation. They are quite baggy with a drawstring. I made them for myself and I’m quite a small size. You can just adjust the dimensions to suit your size.


Legs (make two)

Chain 140, slip stitch to form a ring – the chain should be long enough to go loosely around the very upper part of your thigh

Rounds 1 – 25: sc in each stitch (140 stitches) – you can do fewer or more rounds depending on the length of your legs and personal preferences.



Place the two tubes next to each other and place a pin in them to hold them together. Count 30 stitches along both tubes and place another pin to hold them. Now crochet the two tubes together as one excluding the area that is marked out by the pins (220 stitches)

Rounds 26 – 65: sc in each stitch (220 stitches) You can do fewer or more rounds if you want, depending on how high you want the waist to be.

Fasten off, weave in ends.



Make a chain that is long enough to go around your waist with quite a bit of length to spare.



Sew up the bit between the legs (the 30 stitches that were marked off by the pins). Thread the drawstring in and out through the final round of the waist.


Enjoy your very fashionable and oh so simple shorts 🙂