For some reason Christmas inspired me to crochet a cover for a cardboard reindeer. I’m not entirely sure why that was, although the fact that I was supposed to be organising an interstate move at the time may have had something to do with it. At any rate, I spent two days ensconced in my apartment watching TV and making this …

reindeer finished

Here is the pictorial journey of the most agonisingly fiddly thing I have ever done

reindeer 1

Reindeer 2

reindeer 3

reindeer 4

reindeer 5

reindeer 6

reindeer 7

reindeer 8

reindeer 9

reindeer 10

reindeer 11

reindeer 12

reindeer 13

reindeer 14

reindeer 15

reindeer 16

reindeer 17


reindeer 18

reindeer 19

reindeer 20

reindeer 21

reindeer 22

reindeer 23

reindeer 24

reindeer 25

reindeer 26

reindeer 27

reindeer 28

reindeer 29

reindeer 30

reindeer 31

reindeer 32

The finished reindeer

reindeer finished

reindeer finished front

reindeer finished back

reindeer finished belly


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