Kath’s creatures

I designed these creatures (and flower) in memory of a friend (Kath – Dread Herring).

You will need a 1.5 mm hook and 4 ply wool. The royal bluebell pattern is written in American crochet notation. The others are depicted with diagrams.

Purple swamp hen

Crimson rosella

Lady bird

Ulysses butterfly

Royal bluebell

With white wool crochet 6 sc into a magic ring. Then change to purple/blue wool. Attach the wool to one of the 6 white sc. Chain 4 (one is a turning chain). Now, working back along the chain, sc, hdc, dc. You have now formed a petal. Now slip stitch into the next sc and repeat 4 more times so that you have 5 petals in total. Slip stitch into the first petal.

Attach green wool between two petals. Chain for a bit and then sc back along the chain.

Weave in ends.