A couple of years ago I cross-stitched myself three sets of roller derby armbands. These have held together remarkably well, all things considered, but they are getting a bit tatty. So I thought I’d have a go at crocheting some new ones. The process is very simple. Just make a chain long enough to wrap around your arm and start to tapestry crochet your number. Use your team colours, or any pretty colours. You can easily find a pattern for the numbers by typing “cross-stitch numbers” into google and choosing the style you like. The trick is to experiment with wool and hook thickness so you can make the numbers tall enough to comply with WFTDA rules (at least 5cm high – rule, but not so wide that the number wraps around your arm so the refs can’t read it. I found that 4ply wool and a 2.5mm hook worked well with a three digit number and my tiny puny arms. I chose wool because it is warm and fluffy 🙂


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