Domestic bliss

The COVID lockdown will soon be eased

So you’d expect that I’d be pleased

But it’s only now, as the rules relent

That I can recognise the true tyrant


Outside two’s company, three’s a crowd

And that will soon be allowed

But going for a walk with me

Is still beneath the cat’s dignity


Playgrounds will reopen

While skate parks remain verboten

But the cat does not trust me to alone

Repose briefly upon the throne


You have to get home by nine

Or face a hefty fine

But if I leave the house at all

I have to suffer her caterwaul


Singles can, finally

Rejoin the embrace of humanity

But as winter starts to retreat

The cat no longer seeks out my body heat


So I’m glad the lockdowns’ end is in sight

But now I’m more concerned about my domestic plight.