Wandering cat hoodie


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This is by far the most complex garment I’ve ever made. It is a hoodie with sleeves, pockets and a hood. It has a tapestry crochet design. The idea is a cat has tipped over some paint pots and then tracked colourful paw prints everywhere. You can follow the paw prints from the pots, up the back, over the shoulder onto the chest, then onto the hood, the chest, a sleeve, onto the back again, across to the tummy, across a pocket, onto the back and then to the cat 🙂

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The hoodie is made with a 4mm hook and 8 ply wool. I made it my size (thin with long arms). The pattern is drawn on graph paper and is so big I don’t have a table big enough for it so I always had to lay it on the floor. I can’t upload high resolution photos onto this webpage because I’m not very good at technology, but I have put the pattern up on Ravelry if you would like to try and make this for yourself.

wandering 10

my cat insisted on 'helping'
my cat insisted on ‘helping’

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