Hieroglyphics scarf

I learned to spin and ply yarn using a drop spindle during the COVID lockdown. I decided to crochet my yarn into a hieroglyphics scarf, which I finished just as winter ended.

This picture shows how wool becomes yarn and is crocheted into a tapestry design on a scarf.

The white yarn is merino wool. The green yarn is English leicester wool. As I practiced my wool became finer, which is why the scarf becomes narrower at the end.

To be honest, Pringles wasn’t super helpful.

I used a 4 mm hook. I think the wool was equivalent to 8 ply. The finished scarf is 115 cm long.

I designed the scarf so that the design flips direction after the symmetrical mouth hieroglyph, which is in the middle.  This means that when the scarf hangs around your neck all the hieroglyphs will be the right way up.



Horner viper







Eye of Horus