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I learned to crochet a year ago. About a month ago I was injured playing roller derby. I had to take some time off work and spent a lot of time on the couch, so I started designing crochet patterns. I thought I’d share the love so I’m publishing the patterns here. Just in case someone else ever wants to make a sugarglider or a barrister’s wig … because who wouldn’t?

Terms of use: Please feel free to use these patterns to make things for yourself, friends or family. Please do not sell these patterns or anything you make using them. Do not claim these patterns as your own.

8 thoughts on “Hello there :)”

  1. Hello!I just “found” you today in Ravelry. You ask us not to sell the pattern (which is okay), and you ask us not to sell the items we make with your pattern. Your items are so unique and lovely! I am am retired on a very low social security and I make ami’s for extra income. I don’t charge much, usually just enuf to cover yarn and time. May I please sell some of the things I make? Some of your items can’t be found elsewhere and those are the ones I might want to sell The item only, NOT the pattern). What do you say? I listed the site where my daughter sells her wooden things and I sell my crochet things. The shop has been up for a few years, but we are actually just getting started.

  2. Hey! I found your Pokemon gym badge pattern on Ravelry. I am thinking of making some pot holders from the design for a friend’s housewarming! Do you know how I can adjust your design to make them larger for pot holders. Any suggestions?


  3. Hi – just a quick one to say thank you so much for the Mr Flibble pattern – my brother has been in love with Mr Flibble for years, and now I’ve found this pattern I can make him the perfect daft Christmas present he never knew he wanted. So thank you for the time and effort put into this design, it will be much appreciated!

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