Coral Snake Scarf

small coral 1small coral 2

This scarf is designed to resemble the eastern coral snake (micrurus fulvius). But my version is less venomous and more cuddly than the real thing 🙂 I made it using 8 ply wool and a 4 mm hook. The scarf is about a metre long. The pattern for the body is depicted in a tapestry crochet diagram. I have trouble uploading large photos to this website but if you can’t read them I’ve posted better photos on ravelry. I’ve outlined the bits that matter in black pen to make them easier to see. The pencil marks are just scribbles I added in as I made the snake (I cross out each line as I finish it and use arrows to remind me which direction I’m going). The instructions for the tongue are – attach red wool to the end of the head, chain five, fasten off, attach red wool to the third chain, chain two, fasten off, weave in ends. Then you just add some googly eyes. Have fun 🙂

small coral 3small coral 4small coral 5small coral 6small coral 7small coral 8

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